About Us

Our Youth Matter

Young Muslims of Edmonton (YME) was formed by keeping one very important aspect in mind:

To attract the Muslim youth to the Masjids and develop an attachment towards it

YME is based in Edmonton, AB, Canada and operates at Masjid Ayesha and Masjid Quba. All Islamic programs are led by qualified scholars and maintained by dedicated volunteers.

Activities and events with an Islamic touch

Games, fields trips, hikes, camping, and more. We ensure that all events and programs organized by YME will have an Islamic aspect to it - a session with stories of the Sahabah RA or Prophets AS, a workshop on how to better increase their Imaan, practical advice on becoming a practicing Muslim in the west, etc.

To learn more about YME, or to ask a question about our programs, feel free to get in touch with us.